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Monthly Archives: October 2011

As I kid in the 90’s I used to love Dance Energy with the coolest host ever, Normski. I would copy all the dance moves (with the grace of a burst couch) in my bedroom until mum would shout at me for making a racket. The set, the clothes, the energy, truly amazing, I hope it comes full circle. I’m off to tuck my jeans into my Barrington socks and to dig out my maroon Fila hiking boots.

I retired to the picture house yesterday to view the film Tyrannosaur. I went expecting Jurassic Park and what I got was Radge C. Nesbitt kicking his dog to death in the opening scene. Harrowing. The film is directed by one of my favourite actors, Paddy Considene of Dead Man’s Shoes and A room for Romeo Brass, I don’t know what Paddy has got against dogs but boy oh boy the film’s a doozy. I was left reeling, Deb’s told me to man up.

Hoodwinked. I was under the impression I was putting lovely organic cereal into my little delicate tum tum. The lovely Polly kindly pointed out to me the other day that this wan’t the case, appearances can be deceptive. My middle class world of humous and carrot sticks imploded. The Dorset Cereal packaging gives the impression that the product is organic thus making it more aspirational and better for you, not once does it actually it state that it is organic, this was just my assumption, making an ass out of me and… well, me. Impressive ay? Great example of the power of packaging. Now, I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops.

I love Keith Haring. I love biscuits. Lee very kindly gave me some Keith Haring biscuits. He had eaten the biscuits though, so in fact, he just gave me a box. Smashing all the same. NB. Keith Haring should not be confused with Keith Harris of Orville the duck fame.

My business cards arrived and I couldn’t be happier with them, which is surprising as I was working with the most difficult client of them all, myself. This did mean I had complete control over the print spec. 540g turquoise GF Smith Colorplan card with white foil pressed into the card for the main of the type, ooooh, dreamy. The guys over at Benwalls printing did a double amazing job and the standard of finish was immaculate.

During my sojourn at the Big White I scribbled down a thought of the day, every day. Here’s some of my favourites. Dearest diary…